Rockford Process Control

We can solve your outsource needs!

Many major OEM manufacturers turn to Rockford Process Control to solve their manufacturing, hardware and supply chain management needs.

In house we offer Tube Fabrication, Laser Tube Cutting, CNC Machining, Metal Stamping, Robotic Welding, Power Coat Paint as well as a full line of Hardware, Hinges and Continuous Hinges.

We have earned the trust and respect of some of the finest OEM manufactures in the world … Let us show you how it’s done.

Rockford Process Control Rockford Hinge

Contract Manufacturing

Substantial, multi-faceted in house capabilities combined with outstanding supply chain management allow RPC to uniquely bring several, often separate, manufacturing disciplines together. Providing our clients product that solves problems, reduces cost, compresses inventory and reduces lead time. All with world class quality and service.

Your team will enjoy working with our professional staff at every level as we strive to achieve Total Customer Satisfaction.

Hardware Manufacturing

We provide Industry standard, custom and custom OEM Hinges, Overlay Hinge Products, 5 Knuckle, Continuous Hinge (Piano Hinge), Pulls, Wire Doors, All Casework Hardware, Door Hardware, Glass Door Hardware, Latches and Catches, Gravity Lock, Lid Supports, Standards and Brackets.

RPC offers full Hinge and Hardware design capability and welcomes the opportunity to assist with your next program.

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