About Rockford Process Control

Rockford Process Control manufactures, and is expert at, integrating metal related disciplines. We provide our customer with single parts, complex sub-assemblies and sophisticated finished products.

Our wide breadth of in-house capabilities includes:

  • Tube Forming and Fabrication
  • Laser Cut Tubing
  • CNC Machining
  • Robotic Welding
  • Metal Stamping
  • Powder Paint

When combined with Supply Chain Management, we also routinely incorporate items such as Forgings, Castings, and Screw Machine parts.

Quality and Delivery are a given at RPC, we ship many of our customers on a daily basis. We operate on a lean philosophy of simplification, small lot sizes, low inventory, continuous improvement to the process and product, as well as the entire supply chain. Combined, we have proven ourselves to be tough, reliable, cost competitive world class competitors.

We have gained the trust and respect of some of the finest OEMs in the world and would like to do the same with you.

We are centrally located in Rockford, IL, A little over an hour NW of Chicago.

Our location provides for ease of transportation and logistics – be it Truck, Rail or Air. Additionally, we have rapid access to almost any type of raw material and outside services. We are fortunate to draw from an eager, can do, well trained work force. The Rockford manufacturing corridor is an excellent place to do business.

Please enjoy your visit to our WEB Site and be sure to contact us when you are ready to solve problems and improve your supply chain.