Engineering support encompasses many facets of our relationship and is one of many bright stars here at RPC.
It is one more area at RPC that focuses on solving your problems.


When possible, early involvement by the RPC team ensures the product is designed for manufacturability. It is by far the most effective way to remove cost form a product line. We routinely assist our clients with reducing cost and complexity while improving functionality.


From simple single part programs to complex assemblies with tight tolerances, the next critical step is the process design. We start with the future state in mind, with the goal being single part flow. Imploring proven lean principals, the entire supply chain is studied, from raw materials through manufacturing, all the way to your chosen destination, every aspect is reviewed. Using techniques such as value stream mapping, poka-yoke, and error proofing, wasted motion and materials are removed, lead time is compressed and simplicity is achieved. The results are a lean supply chain that delivers world-class costing and quality.


Offering full support we assist our clients with prototypes and sample parts completely from scratch at the earliest stages or using production intent tooling when available.We cannot overstate the value of working with the same team from prototypes through production. This is where our engineering staff melds with yours. Technical capital, the product and process knowledge so valuable to success in the marketplace is discovered, retained and improved upon. Many innovative ideas are born at this stage.


In-house design and control is one of our strategic advantages. Frankly, we’re better at it than our competitors. Smarter tool designs, things such as dual purpose machining and check fixtures, dual-purpose robotic weld and check fixtures, kitting of dissimilar parts in similar operations, all while focusing on error proofing, simplicity of maintenance and rapid setup… let us show you how it is done.