Door Hardware

Door Hardware

Hardware for use on cabinet side panels and solid doors, and for use on wire doors. RPC offers wood door hardware to match the mounting configuration used in your wire door cabinet design as well.

Part NumberDescriptionSizeHeight (A)Distance Between Holes (B)Mounting Hole Location (C)Manufactured
2101Wood Door Label Holder 3-3/16" wide x 1-1/2" highUSA
2102Inset Cabinet Hasp63/64" (25mm)1-37/64" (40mm)USA
2103Onset Cabinet Hasp1-21/32" (42mm)1-37/64" (40mm)USA
2104Onset Solid Door Hasp1-17/32" (34mm)1-37/64" (40mm)1-1/2" (38.2mm)USA
2105Cabinet Hasp For Overlay Solid Doors1-1/2" (38.2mm)1-37/64" (40mm)1" (25.4mm) Overlay 35/64" (14mm)USA
2106Door Plate1-37/64" (40mm) x 2-23/64" (60mm)USA
2107See Flush Mount HingesUSA
2801-26BRight Hand Cabinet Latch - doors hinged on LH side1-5/8" (41.3mm)1-25/32" (45mm)2-1/4" (57.2mm)USA
2802-26BLeft Hand Cabinet Latch - doors hinged on RH side1-5/8" (41.3mm)1-25/32" (45mm)2-1/4" (57.2mm)USA
2804-26BDouble Solid Door LatchUSA
2813-26BSolid Door Strike PlateUSA
2814-26BThru Door Strike Plate for 13/16" Doors2-3/8" (60mm) x 1-9/16" (40mm)1-37/64" (40mm)1-1/16" (27mm)USA