Wire Doors

Wire Door Hardware

RPC wire doors are suitable for music room, instrument and uniform storage as well as other commercial applications. We can also supply doors to meet your custom size requirements. RPC can match your standard or custom color choice using a durable powder coat finish.

The doorframe wire is 5/16″ in diameter. Vertical door wires are 3/16″ in diameter and have beveled ends to produce a clean, finished look.

Wire doors are supplied complete with 5-knuckle hinges, a hasp welded to the doorframe and a label holder welded to the vertical wires. A mating Cabinet Hasp – Inset (No. 2102) is included with each door. A No. 2103 Cabinet Hasp – Onset, may be substituted for use in onset applications.

RPC supplies a Stay Close Wire Door Latch option (add “S” after the part # and the stay close feature will be included in your order) with a left 2802-26B and right 2801-26B hand cabinet latch. The contour of the latch allows it to travel over the hasp until it falls into a positive lock postion. For security the door can be locked with a padlock.

Click here for wire door application examples.

Part NumberDoor WidthDoor HeightHinge LocationDistance Between Outside HingesCenterline Location# of HingesCommentsStandardManufactured
20227.40" (188mm)15.67" (398mm)2.83" (72mm)10.00" (254mm)7.84" (199mm)2StandardUSA
202411.77" (299mm)15.67" (398mm)2.83" (72mm)10.00"(254mm)7.84" (199mm)2StandardUSA
202624.88" (632mm)26.30" (668mm)2.83" (72mm)20.64"(524mm)13.15" (334mm)2StandardUSA
202824.88" (632mm)39.61" (1006mm)2.83" (72mm)33.95"(862mm)19.80" (503mm)3StandardUSA
203022.83" (580mm)79.45" (2018mm)4.09" (104mm)71.27" (1810mm)39.73" (1009mm)3Double door w/label holderStandardUSA
203122.83" (580mm)79.45" (2018mm)4.09" (104mm)71.27" (1810mm)39.73" (1009mm)3Double door w/o label holderStandardUSA
203224.88" (632mm)79.45" (2018mm)4.09" (104mm)71.27" (1810mm)39.73" (1009mm)3StandardUSA
225922.88" (581mm)39.61" (1006mm) 2.83" (72mm)33.95"(862mm)19.80" (503mm)3Double door w/label holderSpecialUSA
226022.88" (581mm)39.61" (1006mm) 2.83" (72mm)33.95"(862mm)19.80" (503mm)3Double door w/o label holderSpecialUSA
226122.88" (581mm)26.30" (668mm)2.83" (72mm)20.64"(524mm)13.15" (334mm)2Double door w/label holderSpecialUSA
226222.88" (581mm)26.30" (668mm)2.83" (72mm)20.64"(524mm)13.15" (334mm)2Double door w/o label holderSpecialUSA
20207.40" (188mm)39.61" (1006mm)2.83" (72mm)33.95"(862mm)19.80" (503mm)2SpecialUSA
23847.40" (188mm)26.30" (668mm)2.83" (72mm)20.64" (524mm)13.15" (334mm)2SpecialUSA
Tolerances+/- .06 (+/- 1.5)+/- .06 (+/- 1.5)+/- .03 (+/- 0.8)+/- .06 (+/- 1.5)+/- .03 (+/- 0.8)